Windsor Conservation Commission
Community Resource Inventory Map Series
The maps are based on UCONN's CLEAR(1) Program
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Base Map Topography: Shaded Relief Topography: Slopes
Land Cover Soils: Wetland Soils Soils: Farmland Soils
Water Resources: Watersheds Water Resources: Surface Water Water Resources: Surface Water Quality
Water Resources: Ground Water Habitats Committed Open Space
Community Infrastructure: Utilities Regulated Lands Forest Fragmentation - 2006
Forest Fragmentation Change - 1985-2006 Ag Soils with 2006 Land Cover Ag - Change 1985-2006
Land Cover & Change    
1.  The mission of the Center for Land Use Education and Research (CLEAR) is to provide information, education and assistance to land use decision makers, in support of balancing growth and natural resource protection. To achieve this goal, CLEAR conducts remote sensing research, develops landscape analysis tools and training, and conducts outreach education programs.