Windsor Conservation Commission
Balanced Development - Where is TDR Working?
Montgomery County, Maryland, near fast growing Washington, D.C., established its TDR program in 1980.  By the end of fiscal year 1997, the TDR program had protected 39,180 acres (out of a total sending area of 89,000 acres) under protective easement.  Prior to 1980, the county lost an average of 3,500 acres of farmland per year to development.  In the first decade following the establishment of the TDR program, the county lost a total of 3,000 acres to development, a drop of approximately 92 percent.

The New Jersey Pinelands, an environmentally unique and sensitive area of about one million acres, was targeted for protection through The New Jersey Pinelands Protection Act of 1979.  The Pinelands Commission, the regional land use authority, established a TDR program in 1980 which had protected 5,300 acres by 1991.1

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