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The Housing Authority of the Town of Windsor was created in February, 1968 by a Cooperative Agreement between the Town of Windsor and the Connecticut Department of Housing enabling the Town of Windsor to provide safe, decent and affordable housing to its elderly and disabled citizens. This agreement established a Board of Commissioners to operate the Authority and set forth their powers as defined by Connecticut General Statutes. These Commissioners are jointly responsible and accountable for all that the Authority does or fails to do and exercise their powers by establishing policies, establishing budgets, and by directing the operation of the Housing Authority.

The Housing Authority of the Town of Windsor consists of 5 Commissioners appointed by the Town Council for a 5-year term; one of who must be a Tenant. Each year one Commissionerís term expires and serves until a replacement has been provided. Commissioners serve without compensation and cannot serve on any other Town governmental body, either elected or appointed Board or Commission.

Monthly meetings of the Commissioners are held the last Monday of each month, providing the meeting does not conflict with a legal holiday, in the Authorityís office located at 156 Bloomfield Avenue.

The Commissioners, with the assistance of an executive director and staff, operate two distinct programs under the umbrella of the Housing Authority of the Town of Windsor. These include the Elderly and Disabled Housing Program, located at Millbrook Village and Shad Run Terrace, and the Section 8 Rental Assistance Program. The Elderly and Disabled Housing Program operates under State of Connecticut guidelines; whereas the Section 8 Rental Assistance Program operates under the Federal Department of Housing and Urban Development guidelines. These programs, subject to an annual review by State and Federal regulatory agencies, operate according to specific regulations and guidelines. Results of these audits are forwarded to local, state, and federal governmental agencies.

Shad Run Terrace
40 Henry Street

Millbrook Village
35 Mack Street

The Elderly and Disabled Housing Program consists of 112 units; 60 of which are located at Millbrook Village on Mack Street and 52 located at  Shad Run Terrace on Henry Street. This program receives no operating funds from either the Town of Windsor or the State of Connecticut. All operating revenues for this program are derived solely from tenant rents. Each year an annual operating budget is prepared and submitted to the Connecticut Department of Economic Development, the Stateís oversight agency. Once approved, this budget provides the basis for the successful operation of the program for the ensuing year.

Selection of tenants into the Elderly and Disabled Housing Program is based on upon income and specific eligibility.

    1. Income: The Connecticut Department of Economic Development periodically establishes maximum admission income limits for admission to Elderly and Disabled Housing. Current limits apply.

    2. Eligibility: To meet this requirement, tenants must be sixty-two years of age or older or a person that has been certified by the Social Security Board as being totally disabled under the Federal Social Security Act.

The Section 8 Rental Assistance Program is an outreach to families that subsidizes rent payments to landlords. This is a federal program that is completely funded by the Department of Housing and Urban Development. The Housing Authority of the Town of Windsor receives a fee for each voucher issued. This fee is used to offset costs for the administration and management of the program. Dwelling units are located throughout the Town of Windsor with tenants having a choice of housing that is suitable to their needs. Prior to entering into a Housing Assistance Payment contract, an inspection of the apartment to be rented is made by the Housing Authority. Any deficiencies noted must be corrected before the Tenant is allowed to lease the apartment. No apartment is placed under contract with the Housing Authority of the Town of Windsor that fails to meet DHUDís Housing Quality Standards or Rent Reasonableness. Annual inspections of apartments under contract are made by a representative of the Housing Authority to ensure compliance with DHUD Housing Quality Standards and Rent Reasonableness. Participating landlords are paid directly by the Housing Authority of the Town of Windsor the difference between the fair market value rent and the amount that the tenant can afford without exceeding 30% of their annual income.

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Fitch Court Apartments, Inc.
156 Bloomfield Avenue


In August 2003, Fitch Court Apartments, Inc., a not for profit wholly owned subsidiary of the Housing Authority of the Town of Windsor, acquired a 60-year lease on its building located at 156 Bloomfield Avenue from the Connecticut Housing Finance Authority. Fitch Court is a former school building renovated and redesigned as an elderly rental development in 1988. It is a single brick building with an attached wing that has two sections. The main part of the building dates to 1921, while the other two (flat roofed) wings date to 1929 and 1934 respectfully. Fitch Court Apartments contains 40 units, 37 one-bedroom and 3 two-bedroom apartments that is designed to provide additional housing for residents of the Windsor Community. The property consists of three parking areas and provides walkways and a handicapped ramp to the building.

Offices for the Elderly and Disabled Housing, Section 8 and Fitch Court Apartments are located at 156 Bloomfield Avenue. Information about each of these programs, can be obtained by calling the following numbers:

For more information call 860 285-8090.