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  • For your convenience, you can now fill out many of the following forms electronically on your computer (the form will tell you whether you can or not).  Due to the limitations of Adobe Acrobat, you cannot save forms completed electronically, so do not forget to print them before closing the document and have them signed by the appropriate people before submitting them.




Town Planning and Zoning Commission



Inland Wetlands and Watercourses Commission



 Windsor Historic District Commission



Other Miscellaneous Application Forms



         *Please contact Project Engineer Victoria Houle at (860) 285-1862 for more information.







  • Official Wetlands Map (under development - please visit the Planning Department to view the Official Inland Wetlands Map book)



Zoning Use Table



Glossary of Terms



Price Guides




Zoning Registry



Did You Know?

Invasive and non-native species are not necessarily the same thing.  Non-native species are plants and animals that are not indigenous to CT.  Invasive species have a genetic advantage over native species that allows them to spread faster and crowd them out, but not all non-native species are invasive.  Many non-native species are not agressive at all; they are simply foreign to CT.  A Kwanzan Cherry Tree is a non-native flowering tree from Japan that is prized for its beauty over native varieties.  When reviewing and approving landscaping plans, we suggest that native species be used when comparable to non-native species in their intended use (e.g., flowering, shading, screening, or sheltering/feeding wildlife.