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Did You Know?

Compact fluorescent light (CFL) bulbs are not ideal for every use.  Unlike incandescent bulbs, whose life expectancy is determined by how many hours it takes to burn through the tungsten filament, the life of CFL bulbs is more a factor of how many times it is turned on and off than how many hours it is used. 


A CFL bulb that is repeatedly turned on and off will last a fraction of the time of a bulb that is turned on and stays on for hours.  When a light bulb is rarely used (e.g., in a closet or unfinished basement), any type of bulb could last your lifetime and the energy savings from such infrequent use would be minimal.  If the bulb is used frequently but for short periods (e.g., in a refrigerator or a motion activated security light), the energy and cost savings of a CFL bulb are negated by the long pay back period and the shortened lifespan of the bulb.


CFL bulbs are also not ideal for outdoor use in the winter, when they can take a long time to warm up to their full brightness.


If you replace a frequently used but still functional incandescent bulb with a CFL bulb, save the old bulb for infrequent use in a basement, closet, or spare bedroom when those bulbs need replacement.