False Alarms

Each year the Windsor Police Officers spend over a thousand hours responding to hundreds of false alarms. Each false alarm response places the public and the responding officers at risk as the Officers drive at increased speed, which itself increases the risk of a motor vehicle accident.  The response unnecessarily pulls the responding Officers from other endeavors, decreasing the effectiveness of their patrol and increasing response time to other calls.


In an effort to better use police resources, the Windsor Police Department contacts the owners of the most frequent false alarms. The owners of the premises that transmit repeated false alarms will be fined in accordance with the fee schedule set forth in Sec. Sec. 12-22 of the Town of Windsor Ordinances.  This ordinance also requires all alarm owners to register the alarm with the Windsor Police Department.  Registration can be done by clicking on the link provided, filling in the requested information and submitting the form electronically.


Click here for the registration form


False Alarm Fee Schedule

First, Second and Third False Alarms

No Fee Assessed

Fourth and Fifth False Alarms

$50 per False Alarm

Sixth and Seventh False Alarms

$75 per False Alarm

Eighth and Ninth False Alarms

$100 per False Alarm

Ten or more False Alarms

$150 per False Alarm


Any questions on alarm registration or fee assessment should be directed to Christine Rogovich at 688-4545 ext 565.