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About Us

Welcome to the Town of Windsor Tax Office! The function of the Tax Collector’s office is to collect sufficient funds to finance the current year’s operating budget. The primary responsibility of the office is the timely billing and collection of real estate, personal property, and motor vehicle taxes. All taxes are collected according to the General Statutes of the State of Connecticut in conjunction with the Office of Policy & Management.



The Tax Collector’s office handles many requests for information from attorneys, title searchers, appraisers, lending institutions, and taxpayers. For those taxpayers who may need assistance with required payments, we welcome the opportunity to discuss payment arrangements with you. You may come in to the office or call anytime and we will be happy to assist you in any way we can. Our office hours are Monday to Friday, 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.


To view information in regards to tax relief please view this page or if you have any questions, you can see if they are answered in our Frequently Asked Questions.

Windsor Tax Bills

The Tax Collector is reminding taxpayers that taxes on the Grand List of October 1, 2014 are due in full July 1, 2015 and payable by August 3, 2015. Unpaid taxes will be considered delinquent on August 4, 2015.  On that date interest will be charged from the original due date of July 1, 2015.  Interest is charged at a rate of 18% per year, with a minimum of $2.00, in accordance with the provisions of C.G.S. Sec. 12-146.


Real estate and business personal property tax bills are scheduled to be mailed by June 23, 2015.  Failure to receive a tax bill does not invalidate the tax or any interest on it should it become delinquent.  Taxpayers who have not received their tax bill should contact the office at 860-285-1810 to obtain a copy.


A second real estate/personal property tax bill will be mailed following voter approval of the fiscal year 2016 Town of Windsor budget.  Also at that time, motor vehicle bills will mailed and will be due in full.


Payments may be made by mail or in person at the Tax Collector’s office, located on the first floor of the Town Hall at 275 Broad St, Windsor, CT.  Office hours are Monday through Friday, from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.  All payments should be accompanied by a bill.  Taxpayers who desire a receipt must return the entire bill and a stamped, self-addressed envelope with their payment.


Tax payment drop-off boxes are at the Windsor and Wilson libraries and the L.P. Wilson Community Center during the month of July.  The drop-off box located in the center section of the Town Hall parking lot is available year-round.