Online Request for Service

Online Request for Service

A new way to report problems to Town Hall

The Online Request for Service form is used by town staff to efficiently handle citizen's requests for town services.


If you live, work or are visiting Windsor and require town services or spot a physical problem, you can fill out the following form and send it to us on the Internet. We will forward it to the appropriate team for proper handling.

Service Request Details

Please select a category of service from the list.

Please enter the location where the service is being requested.

Please enter details (such as street light/utility pole number) about the problem to help us identify where the service request is located or why it might be occurring.

Contact Information


Please provide a means of contact so we may reach you if we need further details regarding your request


We appreciate your help in keeping Windsor in top condition by sending us your comments on this form!


- Peter Souza, Town Manager