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TPZC Adopts Windsor 2015 Plan of Conservation and Development

After a public hearing on Tuesday September 29, 2015, the Town Planning and Zoning Commission adopted its 2015 Plan of Conservation and Development (POCD).  The Plan represents the culmination of years of work by the Town Planning and Zoning Commission, Town Staff, and residents.  During the planning process, the Town Planning and Zoning Commission, Town Commissions, and residents participated in nine public meetings, workshops and hearings to develop and refine the Plan.


The POCD will guide Town boards, commissions, and residents over the next decade as they address:

·         conservation issues including natural resource conservation, open space preservation, agricultural resource conservation and historic resource protection,

·         development issues that impact residential neighborhoods, village centers and other industrial areas, and

·         infrastructure issues, which address needed utility, transportation and community facility improvements.


To help ensure the success of the Plan, the Town has strived to involve as broad a cross-section of Windsor residents as possible in its development, for it is the residents that will ultimately implement the Plan through their direct action and their participation on, or appearance before, Town boards and commissions.  All residents are encouraged to continue participating in the implimentation of this important document, which will help shape the Town over the next decade and beyond.

Zoning Registry Legal Notice

Legal Notice

Town of Windsor

Town Planning & Zoning Commission


The Windsor Town Planning & Zoning Commission does hereby give notice that it has established a Public Notice Registry pursuant to Public Act 06-80. Landowners and electors of the Town of Windsor, as well as non-profit organizations may request to be placed on this Registry. Those placed on the registry will be entitled to receive advance notice by mail or by electronic mail of public hearings associated with any change in Zoning Regulations or boundaries, Subdivision Regulations, or any amendment to the Plan of Conservation and Development.  For inclusion in the registry, please email the Planning Department; or retreive a form here to fill out and submit by mail or in person; or call (860) 285-1980 to obtain a form to request inclusion in the Registry.  To receive registry notices by USPS mail, you or your organization will be responsible for supplying and replenishing self-addressed stamped envelopes to the Planning Department.

About Us

The Planning Department is responsible for guiding the conservation and development of the town. By reviewing proposed developments, designing town projects, providing information on public and private developments, and administering the town's Geographic Information System (GIS) for mapping, information retrieval, and analysis, we provide guidance and support to the Historic District Commission, the Inland Wetlands and Watercourses Commission, and the Town Planning and Zoning Commission.


Whether you are expanding or relocating your business, developing a new residential neighborhood, or feel that you will be impacted by a proposed development, we are here to help you navigate the planning and zoning process. Even if you are just thinking of developing a project in town, come see us first and we can set up a confidential meeting with our Staff Development Team to help you better understand what will be required of you under the various planning, zoning, building, fire, engineering, and health codes so that you can make more informed decisions about your project.


We have designed this web page to be a clearinghouse for planning and zoning information, where you can get contact information; maps; regulations; application forms; procedures; agendas, legal notices, and minutes; demographic data; answers to many of your questions; and much more with a few clicks of your mouse. If you cannot find what you need, let us know and we will see if we can add it to this site in the future.

Did You Know?

If you have a sidewalk or fire hydrant in your front or side yard, you are required to clear them of ice and snow within 24-hours after a snow storm.  Your neighbors rely on you to keep a fire hydrant accessible in case of fire, when every second counts.   With streets narrowed by snow banks, your sidewalks become more important than ever for safely walking through your neighborhood. 


If you need help, talk to your neighbors and ask them to lend a hand because its in their best interest to keep both of them clear too.

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