What We Do

Plan of Conservation and Development Update

The Town Planning and Zoning Commission is currently in the process of updating five chapters of the 2004 Plan of Conservation and Development dealing with residential and economic development, village enhancement, and natural and historic resource preservation and conservation.  For more information or to participate in this update process, please click on the plan update link to the right.

Planning Department


The Planning Department is responsible for numerous planning, zoning and inland wetlands functions as well as census activities, environmental protection, mapping and other functions as outlined below.


Support Boards & Commissions


Planning Functions


Geographic Information System

  • Develop and gather necessary geographic data to support town functions.
  • Create maps/databases and perform analysis to support town programs.


Did You Know?

Freshwater wetlands account for less than one percent of the Earth's surface yet provide habitat for 50% of the endangered or threatened species in the U.S.