Staff Development Team

Who We Are


The Staff Development Team is an interdisciplinary team of Windsor town officials who's primary responsibility is to comprehensively review all applications pending before the Town Planning and Zoning Commission (TPZC) and the Inland Wetlands and Watercourses Commission (IWWC), providing information and advice to these commissions.  The team consists of a core group of officials representing the Planning Department, Building Department, Economic and Community Development Department, Engineering Department, Fire Marshal's Office, Health Department, and Town Manager's Office; but may also include the Police Department, Public Works Department and Board of Education as needed.


The Staff Development Team meets every Tuesday morning between 9:00am and Noon, with appointments generally lasting 15 to 30 minutes.  This approach allows applicants to meet with all of the town officials involved in their project in one quick meeting, avoiding the hassle of tracking down each official or coordinating meeting times between busy officials, which is a chronic problem in many other towns.  Ask any architect, engineer, or lawyer that has worked in both Windsor and elsewhere in the region and they will tell you that the Staff Development Team often provides the shortest, smoothest, and most efficient approval process around, saving their clients both time and money.    


The Staff Development Team can also meet informally with prospective applicants to help them better understand the regulatory environment and provide insight gained through our decades of combined experience.  We strongly recommend this free service to help you develop a better application the first time around, avoiding costly changes and delays due to missing information or ignorance of established policies and procedures.  To schedule an informal discussion with the Staff Development Team, contact the Planning Department at (860) 285-1980.


Staff Development Team Information


Address:                Planning Department

                             275 Broad Street

                             Windsor, CT 06095


Location:               Town Hall, Second Floor


General Phone:      (860) 285-1980

Fax Phone:            (860) 285-1809

General e-mail:



Team Staff (bold type denotes core members who should be your first points of contact for more information)


Eric Barz, AICP

Town Planner

(860) 285-1981

Robert Bolasevich

Fire Marshal

(860) 285-1972

Matthew Brattoli


(860) 285-1829

James Burke, AICP

Economic Development Director

(860) 285-1877

Tom Hazel

Environmental Planner

Wetlands Agent

(860) 285-1987

Glenn Cusano

Construction Inspector

(860) 285-1876

David Dexter

Board of Education

Transportation Coordinator

(860) 687-2000 Ext 251

Robert Dinallo

Project Engineer

(860) 285-1865

Robert Jarvis, P.E.

Town Engineer

Director of Public Works

(860) 285-1857

Abby Kenyon, AICP

Assistant Town Planner

GIS Coordinator

(860) 285-1982

James Hallisey

Community Development Coordinator

(860) 285-1985

Victoria Houle, P.E.

Project Engineer

(860) 285-1862

Thomas LePore

Police Captain

(860) 688-4545 Ext 563

Jonathan Luiz

Assistant Town Manager

(860) 285-1807

Robert Ruzzo

Chief Building Official

Zoning Enforcement Officer

(860) 285-1962

Michael Pepe

Director of Public Health

(860) 285-1828

Michael Rotondaro

Registered Sanitarian

860 285-1827

Wayne Radke

Legal Traffic Authority

(860) 285-1867

Reynaldo Soto

Assistant Building Official

(860) 285-1961

Donald Melanson

Chief of Police

(860) 688-4545 Ext 516

Peter Souza

Town Manager

(860) 285-1800

Andrew Sterchak

Assistant Building Official

(860) 285-1973

Lauri Volkert

Fire Inspector

(860) 285-1971

Frank Williams

Board of Education

Business Manager

(860) 687-2000  Ext 251

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